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Sneak peak for Barcelona, España

Sneak peak for a Barcelona, España blog tomorrow! My first ‘international’ travel post, whoo!


P.S. Excuse my short hiatus–finals week waits for no blogger!


Warholian but not

Once upon a time I got Photoshop on my computer.

It was an incorrect of me to think that I could get the addictive program and not be glued to my desktop at all hours of the day. I began to use and abuse it on every photo. I made disgustingly over-edited photos–no–creations.

So one day I came out into my backyard with my old Sony point and shoot and turned the ISO up even though it was a perfectly sunny day. I took these two pictures of nothing in particular then, of course, scurried to photoshop to edit them into this. I guess at times photoshop can be my friend, but it can also be my enemy.