Mallorca day five & six: Camp de Mar

Camp de Mar is a lovely beach here on Mallorca, and I’m feeling lazy so I’ll give a pro’s and con’s list. Everyone likes a good pro’s and con’s list.


  • The water is amazing, and that’s kind of the most important thing, right? As the Russian sayings go–it is like swimming in steamed milk.
  • There is a tiny bridge that separates the beaches in half that leads to a casual cafe on its own island. They serve the best seafood paella. Food with a gorgeous view of the beach.
  • There are tons of close hotels nearby if you really love Camp de Mar, although we didn’t stay at them sadly.


  • There are just crowds upon crowds of people, but obviously for good reason–a great beach.
  • Apparently, the fish bite, and it’s a little pestering to have to keep swimming or risk being a little chew toy for some guppies.
  • If you are completely pale like me, there will be some issues with shade. They have tons of straw umbrellas, and stuff for sale but, again, it’s crowded and the umbrellas are fairly small so I had to move around a lot with the sun.

It was an adventure worth having–a beautiful beach every Mallorcan tourist should try out for some sun, food, and Mediterranean water.



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