Mallorca day two: frozen cappuccino

Coffee is liquid energy. But when it’s high thirties C here in Mallorca, no one’s really craving a piping hot mocha. Lucky for the world, there’s a cold version of liquid energy. I’m pretty old fashioned and prefer my caffeinated beverages boiling from the pot.

However, today I discovered a typical European coffee cafe called Cappuccino: metal chairs surrounding small round tables, waiters running around in bow-ties in the middle of the afternoon, and a menu that consists of anything from coffee to mimosas to sushi–all with a view of the Palma Cathedral.

I perused the menu with contempt–everything was being served hot, like the afternoon weather–until I found the right page: cold coffee. They had a few options but I went with the “frozen cappuccino.” It was a thick cappuccino goo, topped with whipped cream and chocolate, which I drank, erhm, slurped all to the snazzy tunes that were oozing out of the speakers. I’m currently listening to their music now actually here.

Have I linked to their website enough yet? I’m probably still jetlagged and delirious and could use another round of frozen caps right about now. Or sleep. Good night all.


NOTE ADDED: Through my adventures here, I discovered Cappuccino is sprinkled on Mallorca like sugar–almost at every port and street. Safe to say I have eaten at this cafe in too many locations on the island to count.


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