Monthly Archives: May 2012

Periwinkle paint and a smiling moon

Weird how having your camera on you at all times of the day can lead to magic.

A friend and I biked around my lamp post-less neighborhood, and it was getting too close for comfort to nighttime. Being the paranoid type, I kept looking up at the sky, hoping we would be back in time.

As we neared to the safety of my house, I looked up one last time: The sky was smeared in periwinkle paint and a smiling moon was hanging all by itself.

It was perfect moonlight, the one Beethoven must have saw when he composed his sonata or Glenn Miller his serenade. No sun or star could compare in a million years, and I caught it. With one snap of the ol’ pointnshoot, I kept that moon forever.

As I listen to Miller’s 1939 hit on repeat, I look at my forever moon.

*La la doo doo doo la la*




Red lips, red balloons

I told her red lips would look beautiful. That strawberry blonde hair, those icy blue eyes. Of course, I also wanted her to match my four red balloons.
She agreed as long as we took some pictures without the lipstick too.

“Okay, okay,” I said, while secretly conspiring to hide the makeup remover.

I was nervous as much as she was. She was less of a picture person than I. But we went to the park, got a few stares from dog-walkers, and many laughs from our own debauchery. We complained about being hungry and argued about when the sun was going to set. Her sister did her college homework.

I love you Alena, my Ukrainian sister.